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Spring Cleansing and Herbal Medicine


We would like to warmly welcome you to a three-week exploration of Spring Cleansing and Herbal Medicine, with Tash and Idun! 


Spring is here and we are inviting you to join us on a journey with the abundant, life-giving plant world which surrounds us. Learning to align with these cleansing, buzzing and budding energies!


We start in the time of the new moon and end the course two weeks later at the full moon. It will be a beautiful time to move into a deeper relationship with the plant world. Tuning into your dreams and intentions, learning how to make your own medicine, strengthen your relationship to the natural world and yourself. 


Spring is full of fluidity, playfulness, generosity and intimacy. Let’s explore how we can step into these energies finding new ways of feeling connected and in alliance with our own bodies, by getting inspired and sparked by the wisdom of plant medicine! 

We will learn about: 

- Introduction to Herbalism

- The art of harvesting plants in an honourable way

- Herbal preparations with water such as; infusions, decoctions and tea
- Fruit vinegar preparation
- The lymphatic (cleansing and clearing) system in our bodies
- Deepen our knowledge about such spring plants as Stinging Nettle, Birch, Dandelion, and many more. 

- How to recognize and learn to know your local medicinal plants where you live
- The energies of spring and how they affect our inner and outer worlds
- Aries season, how that relates to the plants and our health
- Plant energetic and medical astrology
- Throughout the course, there will be hands-on exercises such as medicine and vinegar making, drawing and writing exploration. 

- plant meditations

- You will receive a PDF booklet to aid your learning during the course. 


Tuesday, April 13th(The day after the new moon) 

Tuesday, April, 20th 

Tuesday, April 27th (Full moon) 



19.00-21.00  CET (Berlin/Stockholm time)



The course is held on Zoom. 

There will be exercises that you can do in your home and nature, in between the meetings. 


60,00€ for the whole course 



  1. 1. Send an email to

  2. 2. You will then receive a registration letter with information on how to pay

  3. 3. Pay the course fee (via PayPal or bank transfer)

  4. 4. When we have received your money your spot at the course is confirmed and you will receive a confirmation letter via email.

  5. 5. A few days before the course starts you will receive a second email with some additional information and a few things you can prepare to make the hands-on exercises and medicine making easier. 


Spots are fully transferable to a friend, please find the replacement person yourself. 


About the Teachers:
Australian-native but Berlin-grown, Tash is a qualified herbalist whose work combines herbalism, cooking, art, and writing. She is the founder of Avant-Garden Life a project which focuses on local herbalism and bringing food back to its traditional grassroots methods through sustainable and circular practices. Her teaching is intuitive and sensory. She has held workshops on Foraging, herbalism, fermentation, intuitive cooking, created art pieces and installations inspiring people to delve deeper into the magical world of plants. Teaching and exploring the different ways we can re-connect with nature. 


Idun is a herbalist with roots in the northern part of Sweden. During the years she has continually given courses in herbalism, both in Sweden and Germany. She has a deep-rooted passion for the Natural World and knows how immensely important it is that we all cultivate our own relationship to nature and our own bodies as an integral part of the sensitive and resilient ecosystem we are made of. She loves to empower others in the learning of knowing the language of plants, their names, characteristics and gifts. It is an everlasting source of healing, learning and connection. To have the embodied skills of how to prepare our own remedies and medicines from plants is a humbling and wild path. 


This collaboration between Tash and Idun is a new project that we call Sensory academy. We imagine this to be a place to explore the world of plants, the depth of the inner and other nature, our curious senses, the knowledge of our ancestors and the cycles of the year. Together we evolve, together we grow. 



”We can sense the world around us only because we are entirely a part of this world. We can feel the tangible textures, sounds, and shapes of the biosphere because we are tangible, resonant, audible shapes in our own rights.” 

– David Abram



With love,

Tash and Idun 

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