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Bringing herbalism, art, and sustainability together.

Avant Garden Life aims to reawaken our traditional relationship with nature. Traditionally humans nourished themselves and the earth with sustainable, circular, zero-waste practices. They used their unique local environment for medicine as well as physical and spiritual nourishment. Avant Garden Life is a project which is reviving this tradition through workshops, private consultations and art projects. 

Workshops at Avant Garden Life bring herbalism and food back to their traditional grassroots methods of gathering and preparing. Depending on the workshop, we will use regional wild plants (edible, medicinal, and sometimes foraged) to make herbal products or fermented foods.

Health Coaching at Avant Garden Life guide you in the life-long process of taking control of your own physical and spiritual health through natural preventative means. This involves natural remedies, intuitive cooking, and general self-care. 

Products by Avant Garden Life are all created from hand-picked herbs from the forests of Brandenburg. They are processed from the crude product, by hand, to create the final product. Oils, waxes, honey are all sourced from small Berlin companies. 

Tash is the founder of Avant Garden Life. Australian-native but Berlin-grown, she is a qualified herbalist who's work combines traditional grassroots herbalism, back-to-the-land intuitive cooking, and plant and food-based art projects. Her writing has been featured in Heal Collective, Sowing Seeds Magazine, The Lissome and PlanA. Her work has been featured in Couch Style Magazine. For more about her philosophy, you can see interviews from Soul CollectiveBttrstories, The Lissome and Berlin Compost. 

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