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Unique habotai silk scarves handcrafted with sustainable, natural dyes from the Australian Outback. The pattern has been created using the technique of ‘eco-printing’. Leaves, flowers and other natural materials are placed onto the silk to create unique, organic designs, leaving a permanent record of the plants and objects used to dye the silk. The colours that become imprinted stem from the medicinal minerals within the plants and natural objects. In many volk traditions, cloth is coloured with natural dyes in order to give the therapeutic benefits of the plant and minerals to the wearer.


The RUST&ECO print collection brings back this lost cultural connection to the significance of natural colours.

Best worn directly on the skin. Can be wrapped around sensitive areas such as kidneys. Other uses: headscarf; waist tie; wall hanging. Be creative. We heal as much through the skin and eyes and we do through ingesting.

All plants and objects are sustainably wildcrafted from the Australian desert. The silk scarves and bags are sustainably produced in Australia.

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