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The Sensory Academy

Evolutionary Grassroots Living

The Sensory Academy is a place to explore the world of plants, the depths of our inner and outer nature, our curious senses, the knowledge of our ancestors and the cycles of the year.


Evolutionary grassroots living is about inspiring us to re-connect with our surroundings, using our sensors to guide us, learning the art of traditional herbalism and food preparation, the relationship between us and the natural world, ancestral knowledge and how the cycles of the year impact us.


Together We Evolve, Together We Grow




Delving deep into the times of the year as we experiencing them. Our aim is to support you on your plant path journeys and allow you space to become intimate with the plants as well as giving you the knowledge to use them in numerous different ways. We will explore the theory, mythology and practicality of using plants in all their beauty. We would like to inspire you to go out in your local area, in the parks, along the river, in the forest, out on the field, in your back yard or at your local farmers market, and with open senses see, feel, smell, hear and taste the quality of the Natural World all around you.


We would like to explore the plant world with you during these times of the year. As the year progresses dates will be set and the types of the workshop which we will hold.


Spring – Sprouting is our upcoming weekend course you can find more information by clicking the link below:

Spring equinox – March, 20th – 21st


Mid Spring - Beltane 


Summer - Summer solstice 


Mid Summer - Lammas 


Autumn - Autumn equinox 


Mid Autumn – Samhain October, 


Winter - Winter solstice 


Mid Winter - Imbolc 

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110,00€ for the upcoming Spring Equinox weekend course


To reserve your spot contact us:



Advanced registration is required due to limited places and will be completed after full payment or an instalment agreement has been made. It is also possible to register a place for a friend as a gift or we offer gift vouchers.


Spots are fully transferable for the date you booked for, please find the replacement yourself. We will also try to fill it, but please understand no refunds will be given due to shortage of time and team size. Thank you!


Your Teachers


Australian-native but Berlin-grown, Tash is a qualified herbalist whose work combines herbalism, cooking, art, and writing. She is the founder of Avant-Garden Life a project which focuses on local herbalism and bringing food back to its traditional grassroots methods through sustainable and circular practices. Her teaching is intuitive and sensory. She has held workshops on Foraging, herbalism, fermentation, intuitive cooking, created art pieces and installations inspiring people to delve deeper into the magical world of plants. Teaching and exploring the different ways we can re-connect with nature.



Idun is an herbalist with her roots in the northern part of Sweden. During the years she has continually given courses in herbalism, both in Sweden and Germany. She has a deep rooted passion for the Natural World and knows how immensely important it is that we all cultivate our own relationship to nature and our own bodies as a integral part of the sensitive and resilient ecosystem we are made of. She loves to empower others in the learning of knowing the language of plants, there names, characteristics and gifts. It is an everlasting source of healing, learning and connection. To have the embodied skills of how to prepare our own remedies and medicines from plants is a humbling and wild path.

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